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Looking for that one company that can provide superior business management strategies, not to mention, corporate and business supplies? Look no further! Superior Strategies Supply and Service Inc., is here for you and they have one primary purpose, and that is to help you strengthen the success of your bottom line?


If your company is receiving or is thinking of acquiring a strategy planning/service company for Business Support, Health and Safety Management Systems, Health Management Consultants, Human Resource Management, Occupational Health Training, Project Consultation, Project Management Consulting, Project Management Training, Safety Management System, or Safety Training Solutions, to mention a few, then Superior Strategy and Supply Inc. IS the ‘diamond in the rough’ you’ve been looking for!


As we all know, choosing the right company to provide the right services for integrated strategies, practical solutions and measurable results can save hours of frustration AND improve your bottom line. And, in a lot of cases, having the right programs and systems in place, can save you $$$$.


Superior Strategies Supply and Service Inc., which is a 100% Indigenous owned business, specialize in the delivery of successful project management, human resource, business, and economic development solutions. Their versatility in delivering the services their customers have come to count on include, client specific & value-added Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems and Business Support. The services provided by Superior Strategies Inc., offer an insurmountable range for industry and corporate sectors, which involve an impressive list of partners.

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